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25Gbps Ethernet server port shipments hit a record high

According to relevant data, in the first quarter of 2019, despite the overall decline in the Ethernet server market,

shipments of 25Gbps Ethernet controllers and adapter ports reached record levels. At the same time, the rest of the Ethernet controller and adapter market faced a lot of negatives, with shipments volume down 3%.

Baron Fung, head of market research firm Dell'Oro Group, said: "Although the number of server ports shipped to Amazon has declined, the shipments of 25Gbps ports are still over 1.5 million, is the highest level in history.
The movement to replace 10Gbps ports by the Second-line cloud enterprises and high-end enterprises department has also driven demand for 25Gbps ports, and the slowdown in server upgrades as the general enterprise sector, which is moving to 10Gbps ports, has further hampered the growth of 10Gbps ports."

In view of this, it is expected that 25Gbps and 100Gbps ports will drive most market growth this year;
at the same time, the intelligent network card (NIC) market is expected to achieve a net 24% increase in 2019.

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